George R. R. Martin Has a Theater Full of Signed SFF Books and They’re Up For Grabs

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George R. R. Martin Hugos photo Henry Söderlund

Would you like to do George R. R. Martin a favor? As many of you know, Martin runs a fantastic independent movie theater, the Jean Cocteau Cinema, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Like all good movie theaters, this one has a bookstore, and like all good bookstores, it’s hosted a lot of author events. As a result, the store is now overstuffed with signed books—and Martin would love it if you’d take some off his hands.

Of course, this being Martin, even the act of bookselling has to happen in the echo of Death’s dark laughter:

After six years of author events at my Jean Cocteau Cinema, we have built up quite a backlog of autographed books. Our basement is full to overflowing. I am growing fearful that Shannon Zelazny, who handles our mail orders, may be crushed beneath a falling bookrack one of these days. We’d like to try ...