A new chapter in yoga: why the Society of Authors is reaching out (on one leg)

Joanne Harris, Philip Pullman, Neil Gaiman … and a Welsh Cob horse are among those striking poses during the society’s yoga week to promote well-being

More used to wrangling over contracts and offering grants to writers in need, the Society of Authors is suddenly getting into yoga. All last week it was challenging authors and readers to strike a pose and post it on Twitter, ideally inspired by a favourite book.

On Tuesday, Joanne Harris encouraged followers to adopt a yoga position somehow inspired by The Hobbit, and SoA pulled out a real life yoga expert to show off her “flying lizard” moves. On Wednesday, Philip Pullman decided that Pride and Prejudice was the book to yoga to, and the yogini did “the dancer pose” on a doorstep. “I’m sure the great lady would recognise her story at once,” tweeted Pullman. On Thursday, Neil Gaiman asked fans to create ...