How to Prepare for Your Dissertation Defense

When you get an opportunity to defend your dissertation, take this opportunity to be so precious because this is the time when you will determine if you graduate or you will not. Now you finished doing your dissertation, and you should show the committee that you know and understands your work. However, defending your dissertation is not all about showing to the committee that you have studied. The committee wants to know if you studied and wants to know if you are well prepared to take on the responsibilities of being a good scholar. 

Defining a dissertation defense

Once you complete your dissertation with guided help from DissertationTeam experts, and the dissertation committee approves your work, there is a meeting that they arrange for you to come and show if you understood what is a dissertation defense. You have to explain to them how you found your results.

It is the moment when the committee asks you about various things that relate to your work. They want to know how the work will impact the community around and also the future. It is an opportunity for you to present before your friends or peers. And welcome to the community of academicians.

How to prepare?

Instead of giving you a list of tips that you can use, we will provide a guide that you will use.

  • Right attitude 

It is the most crucial part when it comes to defending your dissertation. It is because you to check on your academic self. Of course, you were spending a lot of time on your interest topic and area of study. So this means, at this stage, you have the spotlight to show your dissertation committee what you can do. It is ok to look nervous. But keep in mind that you are reaching the top level of academics. Put in your mind that you have the expertise in that topic. You are free to shine. Another way that someone can put it is that. It is like a rite of passage.

  • Committee’s questions

When you have this type of attitude, you will have the zeal to prepare and demonstrate your expertise. It means that you must be able to anticipate a few questions that the committee will ask you. When your research involved something to do with parents, anticipate a question like how to parents affect children’s performances in school.

  • Organize the presentation

Put this in mind. The presentation that you give to the committee also applies to any other institution that you apply to. Your presentation will have to look organized. In a natural sense, you will want to consult with your department. But your committee wants to understand every single bit of your work. There is a list of questions that you can ask yourself:

  1. What was the reason for me to pick this topic?
  2. What are other interesting things about this topic?
  3. What was the process of the evolution of my research?
  4. The organization of my study?
  5. What were the results?
  6. What’s comes after the research?

Prepare mentally

Taking us back to attitude, remember that is going into another role. Take deep breathes. Then pride will come after you have finished the job. You have to understand that you are part of that realm, and you have the opportunity to prove it. 

Get enough sleep and drink enough water.


Of course, there is no way you will prepare enough to know everything. What you have to do, is prepare enough?

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