Introducing Seanan McGuire’s Middlegame — A Contemporary Tale of Truly Epic Proportions

Set your alarm for spring 2019, and the publication of Seanan McGuire’s most ambitious novel to date—Middlegame. Publishing is thrilled to be able to being you one of the most exciting books we’ve read this year. It’s a story of friendship, of family, of designer gods, and of life versus death, good versus evil. You know – pretty major stuff. Middlegame tells the tale of twins separated at birth, who may be destined to become the most powerful beings in the universe, and what comes with great power…?

Seanan said of it:

There are books we write because we want to and books we write because we have to. Middlegame is a book I wrote because I had to, and I did it not knowing whether anyone would want to read it or publish it or anything. I am just… I am over the moon to be publishing ...