Blade Runner 2049: The Secret Lives of Replicants

Replicants may not live forever, but franchises sure can. Is that always best, though?

Blade Runner occupies a hallowed spot in pop culture’s pantheon. It’s timeless. It’s iconic. It’s gorgeous. It’s very nearly a perfectly structured film — depending on the cut you’re watching. Was there a need for more? Of course not. Compared to Ridley Scott’s other science fiction franchise, Blade Runner’s cinematic universe doesn’t have a clear-cut villain to bring back again and again in new and increasingly muddled situations.

Unless you see Ridley Scott as the real villain of the recent Alien movies.

In Blade Runner 2049, director Denis Villeneuve, fresh off his Oscar-winning Arrival, inspires a confidence Scott himself is unable to earn and brings a new philosophy to an old story.

Spoilers ahead, skinjobs and meatbags.

Clocking in at nearly three hours, there’ a lot to digest in 2049 and one viewing is ...