From the Zombie Post-Apocalypse to Candyland: Where to Start with Seanan McGuire’s Books

where to start with Seanan McGuire's books Beneath the Sugar Sky Wayward Children

Over nearly a decade, Seanan McGuire has established at least seven different fictional worlds, from faeries in the San Francisco Bay Area to examinations of what happens after “happily ever after,” and how civilization might survive and even (gasp) thrive after the zombie apocalypse. She regularly writes for at least five of these universes—so many that she needs another name to write them all!

Part of what makes McGuire’s work so engaging is that she pulls from preexisting folklore and pop culture and remixes these elements into wholly original worlds: St. George vs. the dragon, superheroes, marketing agencies, medical scares and scandals, fairy tale narratives that decide what the characters do instead of the other way around. Her latest series, the Wayward Children novellas, opens multiple doors into a variety of portal fantasies. Similarly, you have seven doors in front of you—see which world(s) suits you best.


October Daye


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