Pirates, Goddesses, and Killers in This Season’s New Young Adult Fiction

A new year means it’s time to squee about all the soon-to-be released young adult science fiction and fantasy books for Spring 2018! I’ve been waiting for quite a few of these for months already, and they’re so close to being released that I have already cordoned off a section of my apartment for a brand new stack in my already-towering To Read Pile. Get your library cards ready, friendos.

Something not on my list but high on yours? Share with the class down in the comments.

Books marked with an asterisk will be reviewed on Tor.com in the coming months.


* The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Jude, a human living in Faerieland, is the star of the first in the Folk of the Air trilogy. She, her twin sister Taryn, and half-sister Vivi were raised by Madoc, the Elfhame general who killed their parents and kidnapped ...