Politics and Demons: The Infernal Battalion by Django Wexler

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The Infernal Battalion is the fifth and final volume of Django Wexler’s excellent Shadow Campaigns series, an epic gunpowder fantasy that made the unusual decision of introducing its world-threatening fantasy evil at the end of volume four.

A strange choice, you might think—but for Wexler’s series it works exceedingly well, introducing a massively disruptive element into the political situation just as the revolutionary politics and military campaigns have begun to stabilise. The introduction of a demon that grows by taking over people’s minds—a smart demon, a demon imprisoned for hundreds of years whose only goal is to never be imprisoned in one single body again—presents Wexler’s characters with a whole new challenge.

Especially since many of them don’t yet know that the demon exists.

The Beast, an ancient demon once imprisoned by the Priests of the Black in the fortress-city of Elysium, has got loose. Its ...