Star in the Jar review – magical story of loss and sibling love

Sam Hay’s warm-hearted tale explores the wonders of the night sky

Full of encouragement to look up at the night sky with little children during these long dark evenings, Star in the Jar is about a small boy who loves collecting precious things – “Tickly treasure. Glittery treasure... even litter bin treasure” – and one day stumbles upon a real star.

Popped in a jar for safekeeping, the star never leaves the boy’s side, even brightening up a trip to the toilet. But as night descends, the star longs for home. Sarah Massini’s rich, characterful illustrations show the boy’s celestial friend growing limp as it gazes up from a window ledge to read a constellation spelling out “lost, one small star”. And so the boy and his big sister, the story’s narrator, must figure out how to return their latest treasure.

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