The 8 Best Alternate Realities From Star Trek

Captain William Riker Star Trek alternate timelines

A few months ago, Star Trek: Discovery truly made a leap into the unknown. Where are Captain Lorca, Burnham, and the crew now? When are they? We don’t know! This Sunday the show returns with answers to these questions, but until that particular veil is lifted, I thought we should reminisce about the 8 very best times that Star Trek, in its glorious 50+ year history, has surprised us by leaping into intriguing alternate realities.

8. The Year of Hell

Star Trek Voyager Year of Hell

Early on in Star Trek: Voyager‘s fourth season, the crew meets the Krenim, a species who have managed to weaponize time travel (a quiet but long-standing open question in the Trek universe, since time travel is often utilized across species and shows). The Krenim are bopping around that part of the Delta Quadrant erasing entire planets and species that have prevented them from expanding into a formidable star empire ...

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