Rereading the Vorkosigan Saga: A Civil Campaign, Cover Comparison and Chapter 1

A Civil Campaign was first published in 1999. In the great epic that is the Vorkosigan Saga, this is a “coming home” section. It has a number of science fictional elements—more than one planet, space travel, butter bugs—but the central narrative is the love story between Ekaterin and Miles. This is the most romantic of the books since Shards of Honor, which was comparatively very grim. This puts book publishers in a bit of a bind. A cover needs to sell the book—do they play up the SF and make sure the SF fans pick it up, or do they emphasize the romance and grab some new readers? What if readers think the book has girl cooties?

Some of the translated editions chose to err on the side of SF. Some of these errors were smidge egregious for my taste.

The Italian edition features a group of people carrying ...