‘The man’s a genius!’: Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman on Eddie Campbell

From printing strips in a Southend bedsit to working for Marvel and DC, comic artist Eddie Campbell has drawn everything in between, all the while remaining in the shadows of stardom

Eddie Campbell is a genius. But don’t take my word for it, take Alan Moore’s. “Eddie’s is a genuine one-off talent, utterly idiosyncratic and personal,” he says. Or perhaps Neil Gaiman’s: “The man’s a genius, there’s an end to it.”

If you don’t know Campbell by name, you’ll know his comics: most famously, he was Moore’s artistic collaborator on the tour-de-force From Hell, eventually adapted into a film starring Johnny Depp. But the Glaswegian artist produced a wealth of work both before and after From Hell. The Glaswegian artist’s oeuvre ranges from the ultimate punk-DIY – photocopying and distributing his autobiographical In the Days of the Ace Rock’n’Roll Club strips from a Southend bedsit in the 1970s – ...