Always Beta Test Your Mutiny! The Expanse: “Triple Point”

This is an all-space episode—don’t look for Earth, cause you won’t find it. Also, after several character building episodes, “Triple Point” is just action and tension alllll the way down. There are three threads: The UNN Agatha King menaces the Martian ship Hammurabi, and they, along with the Pinus Contorta crew, converge over Io. Meanwhile Jules-Pierre Mao and Dr. Strickland work on their nefarious plot below.

Come talk about it with us, won’t you?

Ugh, Mutiny

Captain Kirino of the Hammurabi actually listens to Ensign Sinopoli, hears him out, and watches some of that weasel Errinwright’s treasonous message. Despite needling from her #1, she considers a path that might lead to peace…or at least truce. Unfortunately, over on the UNN Agatha King, Admiral Souther has been completely squished by Admiral Nguyen. Nguyen, whom I’ll remind you is firmly in that weasel Errinwright’s pocket, now has a network of ...