Connect by Julian Gough review – on the run from Dad and his drones

This stimulating tale of a coder and his mum is a hyper-digital thriller with hints of Fifty Shades of Grey

“I hardly read Irish writers any more,” said Julian Gough in 2010. “Novel after novel set in the 1970s, 60s, 50s... you wouldn’t know television had been invented.”

Although Gough’s mischievous dig at his peers predated a startling upsurge of exceptional new fiction from Ireland in recent years, it’s fair to say that the current scene remains hyper-literary in flavour, with Beckettian dramatisations of consciousness (see Eimear McBride or Claire-Louise Bennett) more common than all-action thrills and spills of the kind dished up in Gough’s apocalyptic new novel, Connect, a hi-tech chase narrative in low-slung prose.

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