6 SFF Alternatives to Traditional Education

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As summer winds down and students troop off to school, we found ourselves thinking about the many different types of education found in SFF. One of the most fun aspects of genre is that writers who choose to tell coming-of-age or campus stories have so many more options than writers of realistic fiction—where your litfic author has to choose between, say, high school and college, or public, private, and parochial school, a genre author’s options are a lot cooler. Want to send your characters to boarding school? Why not make it a magical boarding school? A summer internship in an office can make for lackluster reading, but what if you up the stakes by apprenticing your character to aliens… who are fighting a battle to save the universe?

Best of all, these narrative choices allow the characters to learn in a variety of different ways! We’ve gathered some of our ...

Doctor Donna learning through transformation disguise
music learning
The Traitor Baru Cormorant