Announcing Three New Novels From Annalee Newitz

Tor Books has acquired two novels from Annalee Newitz, Lambda Award-winning author of Autonomous, in addition to another novel slated for Fall 2019.

The Future of Another Timeline, publishing in Fall 2019, is a mind-bending and thought-provoking speculative thriller about a group of time-traveling geologists who are trying to prevent a dark future from coming to pass.

Fall of 2021 will see the release of The Terraformers, a multi-generational tale of love and politics, set against the backdrop of an awe-inspiring feat of environmental science. This is a book about building good ecosystems, fighting natural disasters, and falling in love. It’s a big, sweeping future-historical novel driven by the idealistic visions and emotions of its characters as well as by ideas about environmentalism and urban social structures the author has researched and written about extensively in her career as a science journalist and author.

There will be ...