Five Characters of Mixed Magical / Science Fictional Heritage

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Mutual attraction! Not everyone experiences it, but enough humans are up for it to have shaped history and our species. Just how inclusive this can be was shown by a recent archaeological find, of the 90,000-year-old remains of “Denny.” Denny’s mother was a Neanderthal, while her father was a Denisovan. Genetic research suggests this cross-species pairing wasn’t a singular event; some of us have a little Neanderthal ancestry, some a little Denisovan. There are hints that other, as yet unidentified, hominins have contributed to our genome as well.

As anyone whose parents come from different backgrounds can attest, one of the benefits of such arrangements is that the in-laws will almost certainly have opinions they will be anxious to share (as will the neighbors). No need to worry about a lack of conversational material when there are species, class, linguistic, cultural, and religious differences to discuss. How plot friendly! ...