John Varley’s Returns to Eight Worlds: Irontown Blues

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John Varley’s Irontown Blues is the third volume in a loosely connected trilogy set in one version of his Eight Worlds . The first two books of the series are 1992’s Steel Beach and 1998’s The Golden Globe. In the years since The Golden Globe saw print, Varley has published one full quartet of novels, plus two standalone novels and at least three short stories . There was, however, no appearance of the promised Irontown Blues, which led a few readers to mutter darkly . In the meantime, one author was inspired to try his hand at an Eight Worlds-style story; have fun guessing who.

Now, the long wait is over.

Before the Big Glitch, Christopher Bach was a cop. The Big Glitch turned Bach into a traumatized survivor. No longer a full-fledged policeman, he fills his time playing at being a detective in the Philip Marlowe mold. There ...