Magical Warfare: 10 Military Fantasy Titles We Love

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Every soldier has a story: the mage who snorts gunpowder as a source of power; the Naval officer who take to the skies on the wings of a dragon; the shaman trained in an elite military school; the special forces protecting us from demons, doomsday machines, and other horrors. Military fantasy comes in many flavors, from alternate history with battles reshaped by magic, to high fantasy that takes readers out of the royal court and onto the battlefield. We’ve gathered some recent favorites below!

We would be remiss to not mention the earlier military fantasy work of Sherwood Smith’s Inda, Steven Erickson and Ian Cameron Esslemont’s Malazan Book of the Fallen, Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Shadows of the Apt series, and Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series. But for the purposes of this list, we’re focusing on recent series (and a few standalones) with publications in the last few years.


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