Rereading the Vorkosigan Saga: Diplomatic Immunity, Chapter 16

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Last week, Miles found himself locked on the Idris along with an assortment of local authorities and Barrayaran medics, and the renegade Ba. The Ba has a bioweapon that I have decided to call the Plague. I realize that it is not actually the plague as we know it in Earth history—y. Pestis does not melt flesh—I just need a name for it, because Miles has it. We have two Plague victims with active infections now—Miles and Bel—and Miles seems gravely concerned about Ensign Corbeau’s safety.

How did Corbeau get in here? The Ba demanded a pilot. Corbeau is a pilot. The Quaddies sent Corbeau. Per the Ba’s request, Corbeau was sent naked. This is just as undignified as it sounds—Corbeau essentially performs his own cavity search at the Ba’s instructions. I’m not quite sure how Corbeau got roped into this job, but it was sufficiently voluntary or rewarding ...