Why Doesn’t Starfleet Put Lawyers On The Enterprise?

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The Final Frontier is all about exploration! Or at least, that’s what we all want to believe. But just as often, you run into a bit of a mess by offending new people, not knowing the rules, breaking a few laws, and that’s when… the captain of a starship appoints himself as your lawyer?

No one is bothered by that, huh?

Over on Reddit, queenofmoons made a fair point about the Star Trek universe: Why doesn’t Starfleet put lawyers on starships? Not even one?

It’s not as though they don’t exist in the future; in fact, we do encounter them throughout the run of the Trekverse. But even though starships contain all sorts of experts and scholars and professionals, lawyers never seem to show up on the docket. And when you’re encountering new species with new systems of law on a regular basis, you’d think that would be kind ...