Crowley and Aziraphale Describe Their Chemistry Like A “Sexy Dance” at Good Omens Panel

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Michael Sheen and David Tennant on Good Omens NYCC panel

Of course, Good Omens is a novel possessed by a list of incredible characters, but the center of that complicated plot is occupied by an angel and a demon who are best friends (no matter how much the angelic of their number would deny it). Seeing as the chemistry between Crowley and Aziraphale was key, how did that work out on set between actors David Tennant and Michael Sheen?

Like dancing, it would seem.

There were many sweet asides during the New York Comic Con Good Omens panel, but perhaps the best (aside from Jon Hamm constantly telling the crowd that he took the role of Gabriel because he was paid a ridiculous amount of money) was Michael Sheen pointing out that he and David Tennant started off in their own sort of spheres, but quickly merged together. “It was like I was dancing over here, and you were over ...