Hey There Chum! Would you Like a Spoonful of Highlights From The Tick’s Comic-Con Panel?

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The Tick panel decided to stay until they turned the lights off. (I’m not kidding, they had to come in and tell us all to leave.) They also wouldn’t stop hugging each other, and the crow applauded nearly every audience questions.

What I’m saying here is SPOON = LOVE.

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The Tick panel was moderated by the always lovely John Hodgman, who was greeted with hugs, hand kisses, neck kisses, and firm handshakes by the cast as they came onstage. The panel was series creator Ben Edlund, Valorie Curry, Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman, Yara Martinez, Scott Speiser, Brendan Hines, and executive producer Barry Josephson.

I can say this with total honesty: this was the best possible way to end my Con experience. The cast obviously loves each other, they love the show, and it was genuinely delightful to hear them laughing through each of the ...