Kamal Ahmed: ‘We find it hard to talk about prejudice’

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The BBC journalist on his new memoir, his Sudanese roots, and why he doesn’t want to leave white people feeling guilty

Kamal Ahmed, the BBC’s economics editor (soon to become editorial director of BBC news), has worked on newspapers (he was political editor of the Observer) and for the Equality and Human Rights Commission. His sparky, accessible and stimulating memoir, The Life and Times of a Very British Man, takes his life as the son of a white, Yorkshire-born mother and a Sudanese father as a starting point for a conversation about identity, racism and what it means to be British.

Your memoir reads as an undertaking to understand prejudice. Why do human beings struggle to accept otherness?
It is only by accepting we all have prejudices that we can start a conversation. The reason we find it so hard to talk about our prejudices is partly ...