Murderbot’s Inconvenient Emotions: Exit Strategy by Martha Wells

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Murderbot Exit Strategy Martha Wells

“How humans decide what to do with their arms on a second-by-second basis, I still have no idea.” (Exit Strategy, p 59.)

When I learned that Publishing had offered Martha Wells a contract for a novel that will continue the story of Murderbot, I was utterly delighted. Because Murderbot, the protagonist of four novellas in the Murderbot Diaries, of which Exit Strategy is the fourth and latest, is such an enormous amount of fun to read about that for the series to come to an end just yet would be somewhat disappointing. Murderbot—anxious, insecure, and bedevilled by strong emotions which it deeply dislikes experiencing—is an extremely relatable character, a Security Unit (SecUnit) bot/construct that has achieved its independence (illegally) and finds itself somehow still with the impulse to help people (especially people it feels loyalty towards) despite its best efforts.

Murderbot is a delightfully ...