Sleeps With Monsters: Brilliance and Fire

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Let’s talk palace intrigue and high fantasy with a side order of young queer women whose fates are in terrible peril and yet! by the end of the novel, still aren’t dead. Because that’s Natasha Ngan’s Girls of Paper and Fire, out this November from the new Little Brown YA imprint “Jimmy Patterson Presents.”

Lei is a daughter of the Paper caste. The Paper caste are fully human, without the part-demon animal-like appearance and strength of the Steel caste, or the even more pronounced animal-like appearance and strength of the Moon caste. Very few Paper caste families are members of the aristocracy: even fewer have any influence at the court of the Demon King, the despotic ruler of the kingdom in which Lei lives. Once, long ago, the castes had mutual respect and peace between them, but since the first Demon King conquered his way to pre-eminence, the ...