Watch the Wonderfully Meta Teaser for DC Universe’s Harley Quinn Animated Series

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Harley Quinn animated series teaser DC Universe NYCC 2018

At the world premiere of Titans at New York Comic-Con, Warner Bros. Television shared some exciting news about other upcoming projects for new streaming service DC Universe. Among them is the animated series Harley Quinn, which looks to be a delightful take on single Harley Quinn (The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco) breaking up with the Joker and striking out with her bestie/soulmate Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) in her quest to become the “queenpin” of Gotham.

Warner Bros. shared the cheeky first teaser, featuring a Harley who may be behind bars in Arkham, but has no problem breaking the fourth wall to rag on both the DC Cinematic Universe and the Deadpool cartoon that failed to materialize. And by her side is the wonderfully droll Ivy:

Here’s how THR describes the series:

The project, described as an adult animated action-comedy, follows Harley as she breaks things off ...