Excellent Fan Theory Time: Robocop is a Prequel to Starship Troopers

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RoboCop and Starship Troopers

Not everything has to be connected, but sometimes it’s super fun to imagine that it is. Which is why this excellent fan theory caught my eye, and now I’m pretty much sold on it: RoboCop is the predecessor to Starship Troopers. Take this journey with me. You are entranced by the mere concept, I can tell.

Obviously we’re not talking in terms of when each came out—we’re talking about fictional timelines here. Over on Reddit, user TanookiDooki had a theory to that effect, and laid the argument out concisely. Connecting on several fundamental levels, from cultural norms to political commonalities to design, it not hard to buy that these universes could be connected.

Let’s start with the with the most obvious factor that could potentially unite the two: politics. In the RoboCop universe, after a series of events precipitated by a deal with the overtaxed Detroit Police Department, the ...