How She-Ra, Steven Universe, and the World of Animation Speak to My Genderfluidity

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When I was very little, I wanted to be a girl.

This was super useful because—according to the world—that’s what I was. When I watched The Little Mermaid, when I read books about Miss Rumphius, or The Moon Lady, or the little girl who wanted to give Corduroy a new button, I was perfectly happy in that skin. Being a girl was full of possibility.

But that feeling didn’t last.


Madeline was a favorite of mine when I was very young. She had red hair—I was a red-headed kid, so that mattered to me—and she faced down tigers, and caused a completely reasonable level of trouble for Miss Clavel. I read books with her name dashed across the cover, and I also had a VHS tape that had animated one of the stories. She had her own theme song that she sang herself, and among the spritely rhymes ...