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Romeo and Juliet meets Return of the King in a fantasy about an outcast drawn into a war between two powerful rulers. The next adventure in L. Penelope’s Earthsinger Chronicles, Whispers of Shadow & Flame, is here – and we want to send you a copy, along with the book that started it all, Song of Blood & Stone!

Set in a world where magic and ongoing whispers of war are a part of everyday life, we meet our protagonists Jasminda and Jack, and go along with them on a journey that takes twists and turns that neither one of them would have ever imagined in their wildest dreams. Danger and secrets abound, they must rely on one another—or perish—as the fates of two nations hang in the balance.

In Whispers of Shadow & Flame, Kyara and Darvyn grapple with betrayal, old promises, and older prophecies—all while trying ...