Okay, Bring Back Firefly…But Not the Crew of The Serenity

Serenity Firefly Mal Another turn around the sun, another hope for the return of Joss Whedon’s beloved Firefly. This year’s tendril of possibility comes courtesy of a statement made by Fox Broadcasting’s President of Entertainment (what a job title!) David Madden at January’s Television Critics’ Association panel, where TV networks typically reveal the ideas they’re working on for the coming year. According to Rotten Tomatoes:
…Madden said he’d be open to a Firefly reboot if Joss Whedon himself wanted to revisit it. Madden suspects Whedon is now too busy with movies, and he would not consider doing Firefly without Whedon.

Sounds great! Except…I don’t know. Maybe it doesn’t? It’s been more than ten years since Serenity and we’re not exactly starved for plucky spacefaring entertainment these days. (Really the only thing we’re missing is a Star Trek television show, and even that’s rushing to get on the bus before it leaves the ...

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Classics That Would Make Great Video Games

Skyrim dragon It hit me while checking out Fred Saberhagen’s fantasy classic The Book of Swords: This should be a video game. The Book of Swords has a great out-of-the-box premise. “For a game the gods have given the world twelve Swords of Power so that they might be amused as the nations battle for their possession. But Vulcan the Smith has had his own little joke: the Swords can kill the gods themselves.” I would play the heck out of that game. Even more so if there were dual storylines where you could play through as a human hunting down a God-slaying sword, or a God collecting the swords before all the humans can kill you. The more I imagined that kind of game, the more I realized that there are a lot of science fiction and fantasy series stretching back through the decades that could find new life as ...
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Finally a Handy Chart of the “Big 5” Book Publishers and Their Imprints

Ali Almossawi publishers and imprints chart Trade book publishing is dominated by the “Big 5”: five book publishing companies that own or partner with over 100 different publishers and imprints, and who are responsible for the lion’s share of books that you see on shelves. As such, it can get confusing as to which imprint (like Tor Teen) is owned by which publisher (Tor/Forge Books) is owned by which “Big 5” company (Macmillan). Designer and author Ali Almossawi recently collected this information into an easy online info chart, allowing curious folks to quickly identify imprints and publishers owned by the same “Big 5” company. This is publicly available information, but it can be difficult to track down in some cases. Almossawi’s chart greatly simplifies that information. It should be noted that not all publishers are included in the chart, just the ones that are considered the five most prominent. (Harry Potter publisher Scholastic Books, for example, ...

Doctor Who Christmas Special Will Be a Commentary on Superman

The Return of Doctor Mysterio Doctor Who Christmas special Doctor Who is smack in the middle of filming its new season, but it was able to show some footage at New York Comic Con of the 2016 Christmas Special, titled “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”. Steven Moffat, who wrote the episode, described the special to the assembled crowd: “I’ve always loved superheroes and this Christmas Doctor Who dives into that world. My favourite superhero is Clark Kent. Not Superman…Clark Kent.” This Christmas sees the Doctor returning to a New York City under the protection of Doctor Mysterio (or maybe just Mysterio, it’s unclear). This being Doctor Who there are, of course, many more layers to the story. Check out some footage from the filming:
If “Mysterio” turns out to be a genuine parallel with Clark Kent and Superman, he and the Doctor could have some interesting things to say to each other about losing their respective homeworlds… Doctor: ...

Watch the First Teaser for Doctor Who Spin-Off Class

Scary Doctor Class BBC “I can travel through space and I can travel through time, but I can’t always be there when you need me,” says the Doctor, scaring the wellies off of a bunch of teenagers who were all born in the year 2000 oh god I made myself sad. Anyway, here’s our first good look at Class, the Torchwood-esque-but-with-kids Doctor Who spin-off, coming on October 22nd from BBC.

Dirk Gently Sneak Peek Eases the Distance Between Doctor Who and Sherlock

Dirk Gently TV show Check out this sneak peek from Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, coming to BBC America on October 22nd. Fans of Doctor Who and Sherlock (Which is all of us, right? Probably all of us.) will find the rhythm of the show very familiar, as Samuel Barnett and Elijah Wood display the same appealing mix of jocularity, adorableness, and failure that you can find between Sherlock and Watson, or the Doctor and whomever he is currently taunting. Take a look:

How Long Was the “Endless Summer” in The Wheel of Time?

Lord of Chaos crop Darrell K. Sweet One of the many ways the The Dark One attempts to unmake the world in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series is by influencing the weather. When the series begins an unnaturally long chill has pressed itself over the land, and it is broken only by the emergence of the series’ savior, The Dragon Reborn. Later on in the series, the world (or at least the part of the world that we see) is beset by an endless summer. Heat pervades, drought persists, and there is no doubt that The Dark One is doing so in an attempt to smother the denizens of the world into submission. The threat is considered so great that the advancing plot of the entire series is eventually called to a halt so that this “endless summer” can be thwarted. New York City, and really the entire northeastern United States, is still reeling from experiencing the hottest ...
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