From Lloyd George to Brexit: 10 of the best books on British politics

This collection tracks the ideological struggles that have helped form modern British society

This landmark book described how the Liberal party, apparently unassailable after their 1906 landslide, went into decline less than a decade later, never to lead a government again. The reasons, as Dangerfield set out, went far beyond parliamentary arithmetic. This was a ruling class failing to understand the pressures of the new century: suffragism, the trade union movement and Irish nationalism. This depiction of downfall of perhaps the original citizens of nowhere offers a lesson for today’s politicians in how a ruling class can be undone by contemporary events, and how establishment parties can be brought down by failing to change with the times.

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Grandma Forgets: The picture book that helps families cope with pathos of dementia

In a publishing first, Paul Russell uses his own experience to bring the disease out of the shadows for young readers

From the earliest fairytales warning of the dangers of talking to strangers in the woods, to Roald Dahl’s moral messages about selfishness and greed, stories for children have been useful devices to broach difficult subjects. Now a new picture book tackles an issue largely overlooked by children’s literature, yet which affects an increasing number of families: what happens when a grandparent has dementia?

Grandma Forgets, by Paul Russell, tells the story of a little girl dealing with her grandmother’s illness, touching on the cruelty of a condition that robs sufferers of their memories. In the story, Grandma does not recognise family members, forgets how to play their games and frequently loses Dad’s keys.

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