Five Books to Read After Bad Dates

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Carry On Harry Potter fanfiction remix

Maybe he talked about his Crossfit routine for an hour. Perhaps she asked the bartender which cocktails were “gluten free.” Maybe after thirty minutes, you realized you’d actually gone out with him four years earlier through a different app. And guess what? He’s still talking about the time he got high with Diplo at Burning Man.

Regardless, we all know what it’s like to need a palate cleanser after a terrible date. That’s why I always insist on meeting at the bar next to my favorite bookstore, as there’s no better cure for dating ennui than a beloved novel. So instead of drunk texting your ex, or stalking the Instagram account of the yoga teacher you suspect he’s sleeping with, check out one of these gems!


Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones

If you haven’t read any Diana Wynne Jones, stop what you’re doing right now and pick ...