The Dark Tower Misses the Mark for Longtime Fans and Newcomers Alike

There are other worlds than these, pilgrim, and The Dark Tower movie tries to be the best of both, bringing Stephen King’s epic dark fantasy novel series to the broadest possible audience. But lots is lost in translation, and neither fans nor newbies to the material will find much to make them happy.

Theresa DeLucci has only read the first two novels and Pritpaul Bains has read them all—so how differently did they both hate this movie?

Spoiler warning: several major plot elements of King’s earlier Dark Tower books are discussed in passing, but nothing major from the final books.

Theresa: I’ve read several of King’s novels and collections but had The Dark Tower series on my TBR pile for years. I’m a big fan of Weird West and Westerns in general but I didn’t want to commit to such a big series at the time. I really adored ...