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Amazon Best Books of April  Mystery/ Suspense/ Thriller

"Gripping—a suspenseful and enigmatic story... Best-selling author Rose has created a captivating world...a compelling, imaginative look at one woman's intersection with history." Kirkus

"Rose's latest venture into myth and reality is a page-turning, alluring concoction of fiction infused with fantastical yet actual history. Readers will be mesmerized by her enchanting narrative, which takes them on a mystical and ...

My Strawberry Soufflé

Shouldn’t success and happiness be the achievement of what we love to its own end, knowing that end might be private and personal?  - Felicia Sullivan from Love,Life,Eat 

ImagesThis morning I came upon Felicia’s blog. Having been at the Bouchercon mystery convention this weekend, her column really hit home—I’ve just spent the last three days with hundreds of authors and was struck over and over by how many of us expressed unhappiness about our careers.

 So many talked about not feeling like a “success”.

 Why? I asked again and again.

There were authors who complained they get nominated for awards but never win. Others who said they often win awards, but don’t have sales. Or they get sales but no reviews. Or were upset they get reviews but no nominations for awards. Or are frustrated they are published in trade paperback instead of hardcover, or in mass market and ...


Hand Yelling Constance by Patrick McGrath

ImagesI devoured Constance by Patrick McGrath yesterday.  I unabashedly think he is one of the masters of gothic writing now.  (I bought at R.J. Julia in Madison CT while on tour- what a great bookstore!)

Constance is a gothic tale of a marriage that had me obsessed all day, yesterday. Thank goodness it was raining and a weekend.

 Compelling, psychologically haunting, dark, lurid...  Here is a NYT review that poses some problems but ultimately gives it a rave that I agree with. 

"Loss, trauma and a drastic, fatal desire for control are what this novel is really about. And, as the whole performance slowly won me over, many of McGrath’s glorious phrases made me catch my breath. A “sort of muted sexual uproar” was one of them. I can’t put it in context without spoiling things for the reader. But I can’t resist quoting it either, because ...

Hand Yelling The Age of Desire

9780143123286_p0_v2_s260x420I read this evoacative, atomospheric and compelling book - a novel about a novelist -  last week while on my own book tour which was an M.C. Escherish experience.
I really enjoyed this intimate exploration of Edith Warton's sexual awaking even though at times I wasn't overly fond of Edith herself, or the choices she made. Which does make this an odd endorsement I suppose.
But the book is beautifully written and compelling. Especially fascinating for fans of Warton - since the author based so much of the story on actual letters - it was fascinating for me to learn the story of Warton's loveless marriage and the man this brilliant woman chose to fall in lust with.
 “Somewhere between the repressiveness of Edith Wharton’s early-20th-century Age of Innocence and our own libertine Shades of Grey era lies the absorbingly sensuous world of Jennie Fields’s The Age of Desire...

Hand Yelling The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro

01 the perfume collector-usI picked up this book with trepidation.

I've been writing books about perfume for the last four years and am seeped in it. I expected to be either disappointed or jealous. I wasn't disappointed and I can't be jealous because the of hours of pleasure I got reading The Perfume Collector.

Even though I guessed "the secret" almost right away - it didn't matter - the characters were so engaging and the writing so lovely.

Perfume, Paris, passion, style, elegance, a certain "je ne sais quois", charm and good old fashioned storytelling along with a lump in my throat on the last page. The Perfume Collector is delightful. 

Perhaps the greatest compliment I can give Tessaro is when I finished I immediately ordered one of her backlist to start tonight on my iPad.

As readers of this blog know I don't review - I just shout about a book ...

Hand Yelling Murder as a Fine Art by David Morrell

Morrell-MurderasFineArt-cvr-thumbI've been reading David Morrell for years. Amazed most I think by how masterful every book is. How intelligent but at the same time fast paces. How smart he is but how he never makes you stop to notice it. And how he keeps reinventing himself as an author - taking on every kind of suspense novel  - and doing it as well as anyone ever has. 

Now he's taken on historical suspense and you will swear that he must have used a time travel machine to write Murder As a Fine Art. You will be in gaslit London... you will smell the filth.. you will walk the dark streets... you will be scared and horrified and your heart will beat faster and you will know when you are finished with this astonishing novel that you have truly been in the hands of one of our era's most brilliant ...