Rereading The Ruin of Kings: Chapters 40 and 41

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Hey,, is it weird that I think “abattoir” is a fantastic word? It’s probably weird. Oh, well.

Er… blog post? Blog post!

This blog series will be covering The Ruin of Kings, the first novel of a five-book series by Jenn Lyons. Previous entries can be found here in the series index.

Today’s post will be covering Chapter 40, “Interlude in an Abattoir”, and Chapter 41, “Refusal.” Please note that going forward, these posts will likely contain spoilers for the entire novel, so it’s recommended that you read the whole thing first before continuing on.

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Chapter 40: Interlude in an Abattoir (Talon’s story)

[In which villains gonna villain, and Talon out-villains us all.]

So okay, for my own sanity, I’mma do a listicle of what we learned in this chapter:

  • “Alshena” is really Talon in disguise ...