When We Were Rich by Tim Lott review – a sequel to White City Blue

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Lott takes the four likely lads of his 1999 debut – Frankie the Fib, Nodge, Diamond Tony and Colin the nerd – from Millennium Eve to the 2008 crash

Tim Lott’s first novel, White City Blue, was acclaimed as heralding a golden age of “lad lit” that would ignite men’s passion for fiction the way Bridget Jones’s Diary had for women. That was in 1999. Now, eight novels later, Lott has gone back to White City Blue’s four London blokes to bring them up to date, taking them from Millennium Eve (“Who’s on Jools?” “Jamiroquai”) through to the 2008 property crash in a series of time jumps. After the party, a decade-long hangover.

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